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Windows 8 beta to be out before Spring Break

Posted by bryanh on Dec 7, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

Windows Live Square

There will be a Windows 8 beta version out by late February. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

It has been confirmed that Windows 8 is going to be out in beta by February. The new version will have an application center just like its competitors. Windows mobile developers are vying for a greater share of mobile users.

Full version to follow beta

Microsoft has confirmed that a beta version of its upcoming new operating system, Windows 8, is going to be released in Feburary, according to Wired. The exact date hasn’t been given just yet, but it has been confirmed to be late February.

A teaser program was released earlier this year, according to Tomshardware, the Windows 8 Developer Preview, but it didn’t feature the program that is slated to be the centerpiece of Windows 8, Windows Store. The beta of that program will be part of the beta version of Windows 8 that is being released in late February, but the full version of Windows 8 is not going to come for a while after that. ZDNet recently quoted the International Data Corporation, a marketing research and analysis firm, which projected an August 2012 release.

Windows wants to have an app for that

The Redmond, Wash., based software giant is also including Windows Store, an application center similar to the Android Market and Apple App Store. Microsoft is currently taking submissions for it. According to the Los Angeles Times, developers can submit apps for Windows Store.

Microsoft is going to select the first eight in its “First Apps Contest,” the winners of which will have the glory of being one of the first developers to have an application in the Windows Store. Part of the goal is to have apps that will work across all devices that have Windows 8, including upcoming tablets, smartphones and desktop PCs, according to Wired.

Little differences

Part and parcel to Windows Store is that it will be a bit different than other application centers found on Apple and Android devices. First of all, there will be a tiered payment system similar to Apple. Apple takes 30 percent of app sales from developers, as will Windows. However, unlike with iPhone apps, Windows will reduce its cut to 20 percent once an app reaches $25,000 in sales.

Windows will also be allowing developers to create their own purchasing function in applications; Apple requires developers to use their purchasing function or the app won’t be allowed in the Apple App Store. Windows 8 apps can also come in free trial versions unlike Android or Apple apps, which often come in free or “lite” versions with advertising or reduced functionality. Windows 8 applications can be developed in several different programming languages though they will have to function with the Windows Metro “tile” design layout.



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