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WordPress integrates tablet app for editing

Posted by bryanh on Dec 14, 2011, Categories: Mobile News


The ever-popular WordPress installation now includes a built-in tablet app. Image: Flickr / jeckman / CC-BY

If an organization doesn’t offer something that there is a demand for, an apps developer will often create it. Now, many organizations are offering built-in apps that were created first by outside developers.

Taking care of business

More than ever, tablets and smartphones are becoming secondary computers. As consumers get more used to the devices, they are using them for many tasks that they would have otherwise done on laptop or desktop computers. This includes business users, who are doing more work, more often, on the devices they have with them. In short, mobile devices are becoming as integrated into business as laptop computers were five years ago.

WordPress integrates tablet editing

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System that approximately 20 percent of new websites install to operate their websites. The latest version of WordPress, 3.3, was released for general installation today. This version of WordPress includes a built-in WordPress editing function for iPads and tablets. This function allows for administrators to log in, compose and make edits to their websites from tablet devices. The app comes built into WordPress, which means that it requires no additional logins.

Mobile market still lacking

Tablets and phones often run similar operating systems, but they are not exactly the same. Tablets and iPads have more screen space, which allows for easier operation of systems such as WordPress. There are still mobile editing applications available for WordPress, but none of them are supported by the WordPress code development team. The team has not said anything specific yet, but it is likely that an official mobile application will soon be released into the wild.


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