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Educational apps clocking millions of minutes played

Posted by bryanh on Dec 21, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

Kids on an iPad

Tablets and smartphones are popular with children, but there are some concerns. Image: Flickr / aperturismo / CC-BY

Smartphones and tablets were originally built for adult use, but there is a growing trend of toddlers and kids using touchscreen devices. One app developer, called Fingerprint Digital, has five apps that have collectively clocked more than 2 million minutes played in just 20 days.

The Fingerprint Apps

Fingerprint Digital, a startup that began releasing apps on Dec. 1, has five apps built specifically for kids. The apps are focused on providing kids with educational opportunities and involving parents. Kids can send status updates about their games to their parents, who can return with text messages and voice messages of encouragement. In the 20 days since the apps were released, the Fingerprint apps have been downloaded thousands of times, launched 270,000 times and clocked more than 2 million minutes played total.

Touchscreens as children’s devices

Smartphones and tablets have encountered a huge spike in popularity with parents and kids. Touchscreens are intuitive for children, who are used to pointing at things they want. The big screens and variety of apps available also mean children easily understand most touchscreen devices, and parents are willing to hand the devices over to keep children entertained. Some of the best-selling apps for the iPad are children’s books and child-focused apps.

Concerns about screen time

As Fingerprint Digital and other kid-focused apps are proving ever more popular, some people are raising concerns about the amount of screen time children are exposed to. The average American household has as many as 10 screens when counting TVs, computers, phones and tablet devices. The American Pediatrics Association says when children younger than 2 spend time in front of any type of screen, that child spends less time with their parents and engaged in creative play. The APA suggests that parents carefully limit screen time in order to help children develop better language, social skills and relationships.


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