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Snow apps abound for powder hounds and reluctant shovelers

Posted by bryanh on Dec 29, 2011, Categories: Mobile News


For those who hate or love snow, there are snow apps for either persuasion. Image from Wikimedia commons.

People have long relied on the TV weather forecast, the newspaper or a search engine to foresee whether it will snow, but now there’s an app for that. For people wishing for snow to coat the slopes and those who want to know when they’ll be shoveling, there are some great snow apps for smartphones.

Rising early to shovel is snow fun

The right landscape, blanketed in a pristine coat of white can be among the most beautiful things the eye can behold. However, having to shovel that stuff from the driveway at 5 a.m. can induce rage. To take the edge off that rage, there is a smartphone app, according to MSNBC, called Winter Wake-Up. It’s free for download for Android phones or iPhone. Winter Wake-Up is essentially an alarm clock that keeps tabs on weather reports. The user sets the usual wake up time and programs the app to go off at specified earlier times in case of snow. For example, it can be programmed to go off 10 minutes earlier in case of frost and 30 minutes earlier than the normal wake-up time in case of snow. There’s also a function that will keep the alarm from going off entirely if dangerous amounts of snow fell.

A ski innovation

There are also apps, according to Gizmodo, that keep track of snow for ski and snowboard enthusiasts. For iPhone users, there is the Snow Report app, which is a product by the North Face clothing company. It will provide weather updates for various ski resorts, along with trail maps and details about different ski resorts.

Weatherbug, also for iPhone, provides in-depth weather reports, including forecasts, snow depth and so forth. Both apps are free and there are plenty of other apps, including paid and “freemium” apps that will perform similar functions.

For Android users, there’s Ski and Snow Report. The app checks weather reports at area ski resorts, has continuous updates about operations at said ski resorts, provides forecasts and even has camera feeds from some of them. The app is also free.

No free app for federal data

There is no free app for viewing data from the  National Weather Service, the meteorological service of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. There is an app by SoftPeas, though, that uses NOAA data to deliver weather updates. The app, called Weather Alert USA, is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for $3.99. The app provides weather updates and graphics and lets people search for NOAA weather updates by area. There are other apps for iOS and Android that use NOAA data and smartphone users can also access the NWS mobile site.





iTunes Weather Alert USA

NWS mobile site

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