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Nomad Brushes a more subtle interface for artists

Posted by bryanh on Jan 27, 2012, Categories: Mobile News

Nomad Brush

The Nomad Brush stylus for iPads. Image: dnwallace/Flickr/CC BY

There are lots of iPad and mobile device accessories on the market. Most are quite specialized in their functions. The Nomad Brush styli are no different. For those with a truly artistic bent, the stylus renders far more creative and versatile results in using drawing and painting apps than traditional touch-screen or pre-set interfaces.

Not so ‘yucky’ for artists

Apple’s founder, the late Steve Jobs, once famously called the stylus “yucky,” prompting him to adopt the touchscreen interface on his company’s devices. And for most uses, he was arguably right. But for an artist working on an iPad — looking for a far more subtle and personalized use of lines and colors — the touchscreen can be way too crude and clumsy.

Resembles a traditional watercolor brush

Showcased at Macworld-iWorld 2012, the Nomad Brush may be just what the artist ordered. Unlike other stylus devices, the Nomad Brush does not have a rubber tip. Rather, it has a bundle of metallic strands that very much resemble — and perform like — a traditional watercolor paintbrush. One end has longer bristles for broader strokes, and the other has shorter ones for more detailed work.

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Child’s version available

The child’s version of the Nomad Brush is shorter, with a thicker wand for smaller hands. Not only will it keep a creative child content for hours, it also serves as a learning tool for budding artists testing out and refining their skills.

Four variations

The Nomad Brush comes in four different variations. All of them reportedly work well with various third-party iOS art apps. The Nomad Compose, that sells for $39, is ideal for use with the standard iPad. A thinner model, the Nomad Mil, sells for $24. it is designed for more detailed work on an iPad. Both come with either long or short bristles, depending on need and user preference. The kiddie version is called the Nomad Play, and it goes for $18. And the Nomad mini — selling for about $20 — is designed for use with an iPhone or iPod touch.


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