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Android is the fastest growing mobile platform on the planet. Google says there are 550,000 new Android phone activations per day. You want your company on the Android Market, no questions asked, and Appisaurus can make that happen for you.

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Benefits of developing Android applications

Getting an Android mobile app developed will allow you to ride the Android app tidal wave. Having a presence on Android devices will provide your site with a much larger audience and expand your customer bases immensely. With a substantial enough presence, your company could benefit from overnight success. It’s not uncommon to for thousands of people to install an app during its first few days on the market.

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Initial Android app development process

To get your Android application developed in a timely fashion, planning is the first important factor. You can contact Appisaurus by email, phone call or video chat to get started. We will provide you will all the necessary tools and resources to allow you to fully explain your vision for how you want our Android developers to program your Android mobile application. We pay close attention to what you want and do not assume we know your target audience as well as you.

Next steps after initial planning

Once the initial planning is done, we will provide you with several graphical mock-ups of how your app may look and get your feedback so we can tweak it to your liking. Once you approve, we put your plan for developing a mobile presence on Android into full production. There will be many emails back and forth about the details of what you want done. How long your project takes depends on how extensive the plan is. You will get timelines, progress and development milestones in writing.

Android application deployment and promotion

Once you are satisfied with how our Android programmers have developed and programmed your app, we will upload it to the Android market. From there, we will put into play our proprietary system for getting your app ranked well for search terms related to your business within the market. We also build momentum for driving downloads and helping your app become popular.

What you should do next

Contact us for a free consultation. We have friendly staff here in Spokane, Washington, who will explain the whole process to you in as much detail as you need. Pick up the phone or click to email us today.

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