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The number of smartphones being used has more than tripled in the last three years, and Apple’s iPhone is leading the industry. Developing an iPhone app has changed from a luxury to a necessity for online companies, and Appisaurus is here to help.

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What iPhone apps have to offer you

Apple’s iPhone sales have continued to grow nonstop since its introduction in 2007, and in the third quarter of 2011 alone had a 142 percent increase in sales.  On July 7, 2011, Apple’s 15 billionth app was downloaded.  With more than 200 million iPhones and counting on the market today, trying to do business without an iPhone app is a difficult uphill battle.

There are several smartphone markets, but here are a few reasons to make sure you have an app on the iPhone market:

  • iPhone’s app store has the easiest navigation system of all smartphones.
  • The iPhone “Genius” feature directs you to apps that fit what you like based on prior app downloads. In other words, your phone learns what you want.
  • iPhone’s search index brings you to what you are looking for better than any other market.
  • The iPhone market is exclusive. There are several apps that are not on any other platforms, and hundreds of apps are made for the iPhone before other platforms.
  • There are more than 200 million iPhones on the market right now, and that number is growing. No single manufacturer can claim near that many smartphones in the market.

Get Started

Procedure for starting an iPhone app

To make your iPhone app a reality, make a plan and put it into action. You can contact Appisaurus by email, phone call or video chat to get started. Our team of developers works closely with you and provides you with the resources necessary to make sure the iPhone app you end up with is exactly what you want.

Putting the plan into action

After getting a clear picture of what you want in an iPhone app, we create several mock-ups for you to choose from. We go over every detail so there is no stone left unturned and make any alterations you request. We stay in constant communication with you from start to finish, giving you timelines of what to expect, and we follow up regularly. You always know what we are doing for you when you work with Appisaurus.

What comes next?

After your iPhone app is successfully created, there is more work to be done. Upon completion of your iPhone app we upload it to iTunes for you.  In order to help people find your app and download it, we help promote your app and help get your iPhone app in front of people searching for things related to your industry.  We make sure you are ranking well in the iTunes market and that your app is easy to find.

Get started

Contact us for a free consultation. We have friendly staff here in Spokane, Wash., who will explain the whole process to you in as much detail as you need. Pick up the phone or click to email us today.

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