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The Facebook Page has become invaluable tool for many tech-savvy business owners and organization leaders. Administrators with a smartphone and a Facebook app can even successfully increase traffic to their businesses with posts as they go about their busy day. But a new study shows that, if a Facebook Page

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Zynga debuts Scramble With Friends iOS app

Posted by bryanh on Jan 5, 2012, Categories: Mobile News

The Zynga logo.

Mobile gamers who live to get their social swerve on are Zynga’s bread and butter. According to TechCrunch, it appears that the game publisher is preparing to spread the wealth with the new iOS app “Scramble With Friends.” The app is a “With Friends” word scramble game played in the

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Google, Facebook top web brands of 2011, says Nielsen

Posted by bryanh on Dec 30, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

Google Maps

The Nielsen Media Research company has released its 2011 list of the most-viewed web brands for the year. Not many will be surprised to learn that Google topped the list, with Facebook coming close behind it. Google leads the pack The search engine giant Google had an average of 153.4

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Katana Facebook update for Android almost here

Posted by bryanh on Dec 8, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

When Facebook released its mobile app for iPad in October, people got excited over the UI changes when compared with the already popular Facebook iPhone app. Very soon, Android users will have a Facebook update, and TechCrunch and Engadget are reporting that improvements will likely be quite similar. Facebook nav

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Kapil Sibal

The Indian government is meeting with executives from Internet companies and social networks on Monday to ask the companies to screen content from users in India before posting it. It is only the latest round in the government’s attempt to censor the Internet. To meet on Monday India’s telecommunications minister,

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Intuit streamlines Facebook app creation for businesses

Posted by bryanh on Dec 5, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

For small businesses, the process of setting up, operating, and maintaining a web store is a challenge. Free or nearly free services can be combined to do almost anything, but it takes a time investment. Now, businesses that opt for one paid option will have built-in options for Facebook apps.

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San Francisco-based app developer Loytr, the company that brought loyal Facebook and Twitter users MyPad for iPad and iPhone, will be a part of the Facebook user profile revolution, reports TechCrunch. With Timelines for Facebook, users can view user profiles in intuitive new ways. Jumping into the Timeline First announced

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Facebook plans custom-built Buffy HTC phone

Posted by bryanh on Nov 22, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

Facebook Phone

The Facebook Phone has been a rumor for the past several years. Now, mobile-industry watchers have confirmed that Facebook plans to create a modified Android phone with manufacturer HTC. The plan for Buffy The Facebook Buffy phone is reportedly going to be a result of the partnership of HTC and

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Diaspora co-founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy dies at age 22

Posted by bryanh on Nov 14, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

Ilya Zhitomirskiy

Ilya Zhitomirskiy, who, with three friends, took on Facebook by creating the social networking site Diaspora, died Saturday, Nov. 12, at the age of 22. The cause of death has not yet been released. The news was broken by TechCrunch. Social networking privacy Zhitomirskiy, along with three fellow students at

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Miramax eXperience app will show movies through Facebook

Posted by bryanh on Aug 23, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

Film studio Miramax is partnering with Facebook to launch an app through the social networking site that will let people watch movies on iPad. The company plans to expand the app to more mobile devices. Miramax latest studio to put movies on Facebook Earlier this year, it was announced that

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