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LG latest Android user to license patents from Microsoft

Posted by bryanh on Jan 12, 2012, Categories: Mobile News


LG Electronics has become the most recent Android vendor to license Microsoft patents in order to avoid potential future lawsuits. Ten other device manufacturers have previously signed agreements to leverage Google’s platform. Microsoft made the announcement in a press release Thursday. Patent licensing agreement The patent licensing agreement covers LG’s

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Google, Facebook top web brands of 2011, says Nielsen

Posted by bryanh on Dec 30, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

Google Maps

The Nielsen Media Research company has released its 2011 list of the most-viewed web brands for the year. Not many will be surprised to learn that Google topped the list, with Facebook coming close behind it. Google leads the pack The search engine giant Google had an average of 153.4

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Swype and Dragon combine with Siri-like aplomb

Posted by bryanh on Dec 27, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

A man using Swype on an Android phone.

Think that iPhone 4S users have all the fun, what with Siri answering all the big questions about where to find gas stations, what time movies start and what the true meaning of life may be? That kind of information power won’t be exclusive to the iOS platform much longer,

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Zeitgeist honors trending Google searches

Posted by bryanh on Dec 15, 2011, Categories: Mobile News


Google’s Zeitgeist has just released its distillation of the most popular and fastest-growing trending searches for 2011. This is the 11th annual survey the site has released. Various categories The top 10 searches were listed in various categories. The categories included people, fastest-rising searches, fastest-falling searches, news, TV shows, celebrity

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Kapil Sibal

The Indian government is meeting with executives from Internet companies and social networks on Monday to ask the companies to screen content from users in India before posting it. It is only the latest round in the government’s attempt to censor the Internet. To meet on Monday India’s telecommunications minister,

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ERSB will rate apps — but not for Goole or Apple

Posted by bryanh on Nov 30, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

E for Everyone

The Entertainment Software Rating Board plans to rate mobile phone applications with its age-appropriate rating icons. The same icons are used to rate video games. Microsoft and five mobile operators have already subscribed to the service. However, Google and Apple have both decided to opt out. Apple and Google largest

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Google Gmail app disappears as soon as it arrives

Posted by bryanh on Nov 4, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

Gmail meltdown

In a continuation of its design overhaul, Google rolled out its standalone Gmail app for iOS on Wednesday, but you won’t be able to find it today. The app was pulled almost immediately due to a flood of complaints. Supposed to improve mobile Gmail The app was designed to give

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GameStop to offer Android gaming tablet for the holidays

Posted by bryanh on Oct 31, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

Video game retailer GameStop is preparing to surf the mobile device wave this holiday season, reports the Wall Street Journal. The retailer has been selling the iPhone and iPad for a few months, and now GameStop will fill the gap by offering Android tablets. The tablets will be GameStop-branded, and

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