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The next generation iPad launches

Posted by bryanh on Mar 7, 2012, Categories: Mobile News

iPad 2

There has been much speculation as to what the name of Apple’s new 4G iPad will be called. Rumors have abounded, but it will not be called the iPad 3, the iPad 2S or the iPad HD. Wednesday, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, unveiled what is simply called the

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Nomad Brushes a more subtle interface for artists

Posted by bryanh on Jan 27, 2012, Categories: Mobile News

Nomad Brush

There are lots of iPad and mobile device accessories on the market. Most are quite specialized in their functions. The Nomad Brush styli are no different. For those with a truly artistic bent, the stylus renders far more creative and versatile results in using drawing and painting apps than traditional

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Apple launches iPad platform for textbooks

Posted by bryanh on Jan 19, 2012, Categories: Mobile News

ipad in the classroom

Apple introduced iBooks 2, its new textbook platform for iPads, Thursday at an educational event held at the Guggenheim museum in New York City. The new app, Apple says, will allow students to download required textbooks for a fraction of the cost of heavy hard copies. Three of the top

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New scam alert: iPads of clay

Posted by bryanh on Jan 18, 2012, Categories: Mobile News

iPad box

As many as two dozen fake iPad 2s were sold by more than one Vancouver, B.C., retailer over the holidays. Consumers victimized in the fraud bought sealed boxes containing a slab of modeling clay, molded to resemble an iPad 2. Investigators are calling it a professional and well-planned scam. Boxes

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iOS 5.1 beta suggests Apple is on track for quad core

Posted by bryanh on Jan 6, 2012, Categories: Mobile News

A translucent photo collage of iOS 5 homescreens.

Smartphones don’t yet have the processing power of the best laptop or desktop computers, but technology continues to march on. Engadget reports that Apple may be on the verge of something big with the release of its iOS 5.1 beta update. Signs suggest that soon, iPhones, iPads and other iDevices

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More than 3 billion apps downloaded by iPad users

Posted by bryanh on Jan 4, 2012, Categories: Mobile News

iPad 2

Less than two years have passed since Apple released the iPad, the wildly popular tablet PC. Users of the iPad have downloaded 3 billion applications, almost 10 times the number downloaded by Android tablets. Research firm estimates one in five iOS apps downloaded to iPad Contrary to popular belief, Apple

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How to recalibrate or replace an iPhone home button

Posted by bryanh on Dec 29, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

A black iPhone 4S, home button displayed prominently like a defective belly button.

Quickly switching from one application to another in iOS devices ranging from iPod Touch and iPhone 4 to iPad and iPhone 4S usually involves the home button. However, as many users have discovered, home button multitasking can become laggy or unresponsive. Sometimes, the physical button connection is clouded by debris,

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Online shopping from iPhone and iPad skyrockets

Posted by bryanh on Dec 28, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

iPad 2

During the recently concluded holiday shopping season, online shopping increased dramatically. Some research showed the biggest increase in online shopping was among iPhone and iPad users. Shopping online spreads like wildfire Online shopping is one of the most convenient things possibly known to man. One can get all of their

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Flipboard: A favorite app of 2011

Posted by bryanh on Dec 27, 2011, Categories: Mobile News


I had it in my head today to do a year end roundup piece on the best apps of 2011, using as its basis a consensus of opinions from various Internet tech sites. What I found was that there is no such consensus. However, the one app that turned up

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German court supports Samsung over Apple

Posted by bryanh on Dec 22, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

samsung vs apple

Apple Inc. failed to block the sales of Samsung Electronic Co.’s Galaxy Tab 10.1N tablet computer in a German court Thursday. Originally, the court had agreed with Apple that the Galaxy infringed on the iPad’s intellectual rights. But then Samsung made some modifications. Ban reversed In September, Judge Johanna Brueckner-Hofmann

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