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The iPhone is the single best-selling phone of all time, and people really do love them. The lack of the iPhone 4S has cost T-Mobile dearly; more than 500,000 customers have deserted the carrier. Kind of a big deal The iPhone is the single most successful smartphone. In the last

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How to recalibrate or replace an iPhone home button

Posted by bryanh on Dec 29, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

A black iPhone 4S, home button displayed prominently like a defective belly button.

Quickly switching from one application to another in iOS devices ranging from iPod Touch and iPhone 4 to iPad and iPhone 4S usually involves the home button. However, as many users have discovered, home button multitasking can become laggy or unresponsive. Sometimes, the physical button connection is clouded by debris,

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Swype and Dragon combine with Siri-like aplomb

Posted by bryanh on Dec 27, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

A man using Swype on an Android phone.

Think that iPhone 4S users have all the fun, what with Siri answering all the big questions about where to find gas stations, what time movies start and what the true meaning of life may be? That kind of information power won’t be exclusive to the iOS platform much longer,

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New report predicts record November for Apple

Posted by bryanh on Dec 6, 2011, Categories: Mobile News


Apple has been having an extremely good year. Perhaps its best ever. A new report that tracks the Cupertino, Calif.-based computer giant’s suppliers suggests that the company may have had its largest holiday sales month in history. The Apple Barometer Brian White is an analyst for Ticonderoga Securities who keeps

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iPhone lens

Is the photographer in you tired of being stuck with the view your iPhone camera gives you? Want to get a little closer to that subject across the street? Go wider to include the mountains in the background? Photojojo’s new iPhone Lens Dial now gives you all those options in

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Long battery life and smartphones are two things that rarely go together, but Apple’s latest iOS 5 update had some serious battery drain problems, notes All Things D. Bugs in the software caused many iPhone users to experience “lower than expected battery life,” but a quick update to iOS 5.0.1

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Apps on iPhone 4S could be worsening battery drain

Posted by bryanh on Oct 31, 2011, Categories: Mobile News


The iPhone 4S sold millions of units on pre-orders and continues to sell quickly. As with all new products, however, the 4S is facing a few bugs and bumps in the road. Some are pointing to possible programming bugs in iPhone 4S apps that could be draining the battery quickly

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