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LG latest Android user to license patents from Microsoft

Posted by bryanh on Jan 12, 2012, Categories: Mobile News


LG Electronics has become the most recent Android vendor to license Microsoft patents in order to avoid potential future lawsuits. Ten other device manufacturers have previously signed agreements to leverage Google’s platform. Microsoft made the announcement in a press release Thursday. Patent licensing agreement The patent licensing agreement covers LG’s

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Microsoft so-called Avoid Ghetto app draws fire

Posted by bryanh on Jan 10, 2012, Categories: Mobile News


Microsoft recently patented an app to help drivers avoid so-called bad neighborhoods. But the app has come under fire from critics who say there is an underlying element of racism in the way the app categorizes areas. Some critics are dubbing it the “Avoid Ghetto” app. App awarded patent Microsoft

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Windows Mobile phone

Some Android device users are frustrated with how easily malware invades their phones, a phenomenon referred to as “Droid rage.” Microsoft recently made an offer of a free Windows Phone to five people fed up with Android. Microsoft responds to malware epidemic Google exercises less control over the Android app

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Windows 8 beta to be out before Spring Break

Posted by bryanh on Dec 7, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

Windows Live Square

It has been confirmed that Windows 8 is going to be out in beta by February. The new version will have an application center just like its competitors. Windows mobile developers are vying for a greater share of mobile users. Full version to follow beta Microsoft has confirmed that a

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Kapil Sibal

The Indian government is meeting with executives from Internet companies and social networks on Monday to ask the companies to screen content from users in India before posting it. It is only the latest round in the government’s attempt to censor the Internet. To meet on Monday India’s telecommunications minister,

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ERSB will rate apps — but not for Goole or Apple

Posted by bryanh on Nov 30, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

E for Everyone

The Entertainment Software Rating Board plans to rate mobile phone applications with its age-appropriate rating icons. The same icons are used to rate video games. Microsoft and five mobile operators have already subscribed to the service. However, Google and Apple have both decided to opt out. Apple and Google largest

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China now leads market in smartphones by volume

Posted by bryanh on Nov 23, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

Smartphone in China

According the research firm Strategy Analytics, China has now surpassed the U.S. as the largest market for smartphones by volume. To get your app into this ever-growing market, contact an Android developer. Up 58 percent in last quarter About 24 million smartphones were shipped to providers in China during the

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Windows tablet from Nokia may join the party in 2012

Posted by bryanh on Nov 19, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

Various Android tablets and the iPad are vying for tablet PC supremacy, and many are wondering when a Windows-based tablet is coming out. Nokia may release one next year. Nokia CEO hints at Windows tablet after market response Though Google and Apple have become the heavyweights of the tablet computer

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Duqu virus exploits flaw in Microsoft Word documents

Posted by bryanh on Nov 2, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

A new Trojan virus takesadvantqage of a flaw in MS Windows. Image: Darcy McCarty/Flickr/CC BY

Duqu is a particularly nasty Trojan virus that experts say could become a major cyber threat. Microsoft Corp said Tuesday that the hackers behind Duqu are taking advantage of a bug in Microsoft Windows that had previously been undetected. Bug in MS Windows The virus plays on a previously undetected

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