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Twitter goes forward with Promoted Products for mobile

Posted by bryanh on Mar 1, 2012, Categories: Mobile News

Artist's rendition of the Twitter logo.

Tuesday, Twitter announced an update that will have an impact on its mobile apps for both iPhone and Android. TechCrunch reports that Twitter will introduce additional “Promoted Products” to its mobile platform, broken into two categories: Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets. While these features have been available on the web

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Hashtagmom checks in with mom automatically via FourSquare

Posted by bryanh on Jan 27, 2012, Categories: Mobile News

Middle-aged to elderly mom speaking on the phone.

New service hashtagmom, or #mom, knows  you don’t want to have to drop everything the  second you arrive somewhere so mom will know you arrived safely. With the company’s Twilio/FourSquare API service, a pleasant automated voice can make contact for you, letting mom know that you’re doing fine. Hashtagmom eases

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HipGeo: The Swiss Army knife of location-aware travel apps

Posted by bryanh on Jan 11, 2012, Categories: Mobile News

A Google Maps-style geolocation dot.

If you’ve been looking for a supercharged social travel app that is location aware and fully GPS compatible, get hip to HipGeo. According to Mike Richard of the blog Vagabondish, HipGeo sports some of the best features of Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, rolled into one. The GPS serendipity of place

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Shortmail app limits emails to 500 characters or less

Posted by bryanh on Nov 17, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

If you find the prospect of reading an email longer than two or three sentences painful, consider Shortmail. This new Twitter-like iPhone app from 410 Labs in Baltimore, Md., caters to busy professionals, the impatient and the attention deficit disordered in equal measure. All messages are capped at 500 characters.

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Upsets at Twitter: Two executives quit

Posted by bryanh on Nov 17, 2011, Categories: Mobile News


A second executive at Twitter has left within eight days, prompting many to wonder what is going on at the social networking icon. TechCrunch speculates that there may be a schism between the management styles of CEO Dick Costolo and Chairman Jack Dorsey, causing tension among the ranks of the

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Diaspora co-founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy dies at age 22

Posted by bryanh on Nov 14, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

Ilya Zhitomirskiy

Ilya Zhitomirskiy, who, with three friends, took on Facebook by creating the social networking site Diaspora, died Saturday, Nov. 12, at the age of 22. The cause of death has not yet been released. The news was broken by TechCrunch. Social networking privacy Zhitomirskiy, along with three fellow students at

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Google Gmail app disappears as soon as it arrives

Posted by bryanh on Nov 4, 2011, Categories: Mobile News

Gmail meltdown

In a continuation of its design overhaul, Google rolled out its standalone Gmail app for iOS on Wednesday, but you won’t be able to find it today. The app was pulled almost immediately due to a flood of complaints. Supposed to improve mobile Gmail The app was designed to give

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